ATM: how electronic payments will change in 2019

It will be a real revolution, in terms of electronic payments, the one that from January 1, 2019, will affect all holders of debit card ATMs. Thanks to an agreement with Sia, a European group active in the design, construction and management of technological infrastructures and services, Bancomat Spa will create the new Bancomat Pay service.

Thanks to this service, all PagoBancomat owners will have the opportunity not only to withdraw cash and make purchases in shops, but will also be able to shop online, a prerogative reserved until now only to those who owned credit cards or prepaid cards.

A step that we could call epoch-making, and that can take place thanks to the support of Jiffy technology, which allows you to ensure the correctness of transactions, no longer with the number of credit card, but with that of your mobile phone or smartphone.

An audience of millions of users

At the time of the launch of Bancomat Pay, the service can be used immediately by the approximately 5 million users already registered with Jiffy.

But this new form of electronic payment, which aims as explained to bring the ATM in mobile phones, will count on very huge development margins if you think that we are talking about an operator like Bancomat precisely that has a market share of about 80%, which makes it the absolute leader in the field of payments with debit cards in Italy.

All with over 87 billion euros in payments, over 1.5 billion transactions on an annual basis made on more than 2.1 million Pos and about 37 million cards in circulation. Among other things, the news for the owners of ATMs are not limited only to the new possibility of making online purchases.

Payments with the public administration

Thanks to the new Bancomat Pay service, from the beginning of 2019 it will also be possible to make a series of payments regarding local taxes. An opportunity that will be made possible by the integration of the new service with the PagoPa platform for payments to the Public Administration.

All this with a view to the spread of electronic payments that in Italy are struggling to take off definitively. This is testified by the fact that from this point of view, our country is one of the most backward, since about 80 percent of payments are still made in cash, against an EU average of less than 60 percent.

Interbank facilities

In order to give an even more significant boost, if possible, to the digitization of payments, Bancomat has decided, at the same time as the launch of the new Bancomat Pay service, to facilitate all payments made with its own cards: for amounts of less than 15 euros, in fact, all bank commissions will be reduced to zero.

A choice that could serve as a stimulus to the activation of new Pos. We will see if this small revolution in the home ATM, will really serve to spread in Italy in more extensive and widespread electronic payments.

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