Millionaire manager: here’s how to get rich working for others

After analyzing the roots of the success of 233 millionaires, Tom Corley, author of the essay “Rich Habits”, has realized that the super rich are divided into three groups. Those who made money by saving, entrepreneurs and executives. Executives usually get less attention, but now the author tells Business Insider what allows managers to accumulate great fortunes.

At the roots of wealth

The people who have become rich thanks to their ability to save are those who take longer to accumulate a patrimony, so that the author estimates an average time of 32 years. On the other hand, entrepreneurs are those who make their fortunes faster and who amass the greatest wealth. Between these two extremes, there are managers who have the ability to become rich by working for other people.

The heritage of executives

In addition to a rich salary, managers working for large companies – usually listed companies – can count on bonuses and shares. But their ability to earn is weighed down by their ability to make themselves indispensable, so much so that, according to Corley, they are professionals who cannot be fired.

Hired for life

Super managers, it seems, are capable of doing some things that set them apart from everyone else. In particular, they become experts in an industrial sector. Within this perimeter they manage to develop a particular niche of expertise. And this is true in the companies in which they operate or in the industry of reference. They also devote a great deal of energy to personal improvement and to learning as much as possible about their area of expertise.

Experts from pr

There are other things that make these managers different from everyone else and, therefore, particularly “valuable”. For example, they use the phone for so-called “hello calls”, calls in which they greet someone with whom they want to form a power relationship. They also make themselves heard in the case of birthdays or events such as weddings, births and diseases. They are also good at developing relationships that matter with the influencers of their company or industry. Many of the millionaire managers, the author notes, are members of industry associations where they play a highly visible role.

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