Sale: when they start and how to avoid scams

The winter sales have already started a few days ago in Basilicata, Sicily, and Valle D’Aosta, while from tomorrow, January 5 will officially start in all other regions.

According to Confcommercio’s calculations, more than 15 million families will be interested in discount opportunities on purchases, for a turnover of about 5 billion euros. According to the most common estimates, the average expenditure per family will be between 325 and 280 euros, between 140 and 122 euros per capita expenditure in clothing, footwear, and accessories.

And according to Confesercenti, this year will be particularly high the membership of retailers, with about 280 thousand businesses, including virtually all fashion and textile stores. According to an Swg survey carried out for the same association, 48% of Italians have already decided to participate in the sales, while only one Italian in 4 will not buy.

What we will buy

According to market surveys, the focus will be on footwear, followed by knitwear and trousers. However, according to the estimates of the consumer association Codacons, sales will be 7% lower than last year.

ÙIn this sense, it should be borne in mind that the sales will last for different regions: it will range from very long discounts in Campania, where the sales will last until April 1, to those very short in Trentino Alto Adige.

How to avoid fraud

As with any appointment with the sales, whether summer or winter, there is no shortage of advice for shopping and to avoid deception and scams. First of all, you should always keep the receipt for the change that, let’s remember to avoid any misunderstanding, will always be allowed.

You should then be wary of excessive discounts, especially if practiced in the first days of the start of sales. A good habit would be to turn a little ‘before making the desired purchase, to verify the effectiveness of the discount practiced.

It would also be preferable to use in trusted stores or buy goods of which you already knew the price or quality previously. Finally, you should never buy goods in stores that do not display the label that indicates the old price, wary of items that can only be looked at and not tried.

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