The 10 best countries in the world to be an entrepreneur

The British research firm Expert Market has identified the ideal countries for those who want to launch a new business. In particular, the researchers took into account the economic situation and lifestyle of 57 countries around the world and cross-referenced the data with the cost of living, the average speed of the internet, the quality of transport, the number of Wi-Fi spots, the cost of a coffee, the amount of income tax, as well as the ease of opening a business and accessing finance. Below are the countries that are in the top ten of the ranking relaunched by Business Insider.

Eastern Europe in the top ten

The Czech Republic is well-positioned across all categories and Prague stands out as an excellent base for aspiring entrepreneurs. Ninth is Bulgaria, which has particularly low-income taxes. The country also offers the opportunity to sit down and work in a café paying the lowest of all the countries monitored. Estonia, with its capital Tallinn, is in the top ten thanks to a, particularly economical transport system.

Oceania, Europe, and Africa 

Seventh place for New Zealand, which boasts particularly fast internet connections as well as simplified procedures for starting a business. Sixth place for Spain which, especially in Barcelona, guarantees good Wi-Fi coverage, easy access to credit and an excellent transport network. Fifth place for the United Kingdom: London and Manchester are renowned for easy access to credit by banks and an efficient transport system. The United Arab Emirates is the only country in the top ten to offer a zero personal income tax: Dubai and Abu Dhabi, therefore, have already conquered many millennials.

Asia dominates the podium

Third place for South Korea, where cities like Seoul and Busan guarantee low living costs, easy access to credit and fast internet. Thanks to its transport system, but also to the number of wifi spots (559,000), the United States facilitates self-employment and ranks second. Finally, Hong Kong’s financial center is the best place for entrepreneurs to live, thanks to a very efficient transport system, low-income taxation, and excellent internet connections.

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