About us

The Power of Connection

Astral Pole, an initiative by The League of Fan Funds, is a unique platform dedicated to strengthening the international community of science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. Our organisation builds bridges between fans across the globe through cultural exchanges and supporting travel to international conventions.

Our Vision

We believe that through personal encounters and sharing experiences, fans not only broaden their horizons but also contribute to a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and perspectives within the genre. It is our vision to create an inclusive community where every fan feels at home.

Fan Funds

Through our Fan Funds, we encourage fans to attend international events. We offer financial support and facilitate contact between fans from different countries. This program has enabled many successful exchanges, resulting in a richer fan experience and closer ties within our community.

Cultural Exchange

At Astral Pole, it’s all about sharing – stories, experiences, and dreams. Our events are designed to promote knowledge exchange and forge new friendships that transcend the boundaries of country and language. From panel discussions to joint screenings, each activity is aimed at stimulating dialogue and mutual understanding.

Get Involved!

Are you passionate about science fiction or fantasy? Do you want to actively contribute to the growing international fan community? Whether you’re a writer, artist or simply an enthusiast, there’s a place for you at Astral Pole. Together we can spread the magic of fandom worldwide!