Black Friday, useful tips to avoid scams

Black Friday, the day of online discounts set for November 23rd, although some offers are already starting to circulate today, is expected to be a record this year in Italy.

It is for this reason that millions of buyers in our country who are preparing to shop online will have to pay close attention to the scams and especially take advantage of all the useful advice that these hours are coming from consumer associations.

Shopping boom

According to estimates made by the B2c Netcomm eCommerce Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, in fact, online purchases by Italians during Black Friday will for the first time exceed one billion euros with a growth of about 35% compared to 2017.

On average, in a day, e-commerce merchants will achieve more than 3 times the turnover of any day while the most aggressive operators can reach up to 7 times the value of transactions of the daily average. Given the proximity to the Christmas period, many will take advantage of the opportunity to anticipate some gifts to put under the tree.

In general, however, among the most popular products, there will obviously be technology, clothing, sports products, bags and jewelry, designer items, cosmetics and perfumes. One more reason, therefore, to be on guard against possible scams. Here’s how.

Planning expenses

The best way to take advantage of Black Friday, for example, explains the Aduc association, is to plan your purchases. Then you have to compare the prices: even if the wave of ads, offers and advertisements can make us believe that you can find the best discounts on any product, it is important to check the prices before the offer.

It is also important to look only for products that you need to avoid unnecessary impulsive binges. In this sense, the ideal would be to make a list, whether it be purchased in physical stores or online. So if you find a good offer, you can really save money.

Conditions of purchase

Obviously, the conditions of purchase must also be taken into account: many shops offer the possibility of exchanging goods in their own way and at their own pace. But it should be remembered that by law the goods can be returned within 14 days.

Moreover, if the product or service purchased has a lack of conformity or production, the trader is required to replace or refund (with shipping costs borne by the trader) up to two years after purchase.

Be careful then to check if the price indicated includes VAT and shipping costs, as these items could significantly increase the final cost and thus reduce the discounts.

The guarantee of the big ones

Purchasing on the most popular sites usually, although not always, offers sufficient guarantees to know with certainty that our purchase is safe. However, since many other sites are present with offers in this particular period, it is advisable to verify that the store is real to avoid cheating.

To do so, among other things, you can check the various opinions on social or, for those who want to be more scrupulous, verify the actual existence of the company in the register of companies.

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